Join us in exploring the fascinating world of environmental science as part of the Science is Wonderful! event in Brussels. These interactive quizzes are designed to engage children and young learners, encouraging them to discover and think critically about various environmental topics. From the hidden dangers of micropollutants to the vital role of wastewater management, each quiz offers a fun and educational dive into important issues affecting our planet today.

Dive Into Our Quizzes:

  1. Environment Quiz Explore the basics of our natural world, the impacts of human activities on our planet, and ways to protect and preserve our environment. This quiz covers topics such as renewable energy, biodiversity, and conservation practices.
  2. Wastewater and Sludge Quiz Discover how wastewater is treated and why it matters. Learn about the technologies that protect our waterways and the innovative methods used to turn waste into energy.
  3. Natural Products vs Chemical-Based Products Quiz Examine the differences between natural and chemical-based products, their impacts on health and the environment, and how choosing sustainable products can make a difference.
  4. Micropollutants Quiz Delve into the world of tiny pollutants that can have big impacts on ecosystems and human health. Learn about their sources, how they affect us, and what can be done to reduce their presence in our environment.

Why Participate?

Our quizzes are more than just a learning tool; they are a call to action. Each question and topic encourages participants to think about how they can contribute to a healthier planet. As part of the Science is Wonderful! event, we aim to inspire a new generation of scientists, thinkers, and environmental advocates.

Join Us!

We invite schools, families, and curious minds of all ages to participate in these quizzes. Each quiz is a step towards understanding our environment better and making informed choices to protect it. Let's make science wonderful together!